YS Jagan’s Master Mind

YS Jagan is proving that he incorporates a mind of his own. he’s showing that he will take matured selections and might act severally. He has sent this signal by with courtesy rejecting the provide of Lok Sabha deputy speaker’s post for his party. he’s same to possess told the BJP brass that he doesn’t wish the post. Not simply that he has joined absorbing the post to giving of the special standing to state.

The BJP needed to bring Jagan into its fold by providing this post to him. There could be a second reason for this. each the Janata dekaliter United light-emitting diode by Nitish Kumar and therefore the knife Sena are posing for this post. each the allies area unit necessary as there area unit elections in each Maharashtra and Bihar in fast succession. Also, each the parties have respectable range of seats. In fact, knife Sena is that the oldest ally of the BJP. So, selecting between the 2 would are a tough task for the BJP. Hence, the BJP needed a 3rd party, YSRCP during this case, to require up the post so the problem may be amicably resolved.

However, the YSRCP has set to not take the bait. There area unit 2 major reasons for this. Firstly, the post isn’t thus important. there’s no real power unconditional within the deputy speaker’s post. Secondly, by absorbing the post, the YSRCP would send signals that it’s a part of the NDA. this could provides a keep on with Chandrababu Naidu to beat YS Jagan and therefore the YSRCP. thence Jagan has with wisdom set to not take up the post

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