What Is TDP’s Future?

In 1996, Chandrababu Naidu snatched TDP from nongovernmental organization Rama Rao with the support of majority of MLAs. NTR lost management on the party floated by him as a result of most of the TDP legislators shifted loyalties to adult male throughout August crisis.

If 2/3rd MLAs/MPs of a celebration jump into alternative party, Anti-Defection Law cannot be applied in such cases. that’s what happened once four Rajya Sabha MPs of TDP joined BJP recently. Now, The Saffron Party looks to be implementing identical strategy in Assembly further.

TDP won twenty three MLA Seats in 2019 Elections. If sixteen out of them jump into the other party, Then the Rebels may move the proposal of claiming authority over TDP. therein manner, Telugu Desam will be snatched from Naidu.

If the speculations area unit true, Ganta Srinivasa Rao was allotted the duty of attracting as several TDP MLAs as attainable with the supply to form him CM if BJP forms the govt.. This Senior Leader had the history of taking three to four leaders in conjunction with him whenever he modifies a celebration. will he build fifteen MLAs follow him by taking the support of his relative P Narayana may be a million dollar 

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