Kaleshwaram Took My Mom’s Land: KTR

TRS Government faced  criticism over the land acquisition for Kaleshwaram Project. the most important grievance against CM KCR has been his reluctance to supply the compensation per the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. Opposition Parties created a hue & cry over Rs five hundred thousand per acre offered to the farmers WHO lost their lands for India’s largest raise irrigation project.
Upon inspecting the Malakpet reservoir works in Sircilla District on weekday, TRS operating President KT avatar Rao disclosed that even his Mother had lost piece of land in hand by her for the mid-Maneru works of Kaleswaram Project. He with pride claimed forty five hundred thousand acres in Telangana are going to be receiving luxuriant water for agriculture as a result of this project.
KTR told the massive dream of KCR to produce water for one large integer acres can become a reality shortly. He went on to mention vision of Telangana CM is gonna resolve the water inadequacy and improve the assembly of electricity within the state.
Himanshu WHO accompanied  his Father throughout the tour of Sircilla stood as centre of attraction. This child makes public appearances whenever TRS achieves one thing huge, Statehood in 2014 & Kaleshwaram in 2019.

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