10,000 For Drunk Drive, 5,000 For Over Speeding!

The Union cupboard approved the amendments to the cars (Amendment) Bill for making certain road safety and strengthening the general public transport system.As per New Bill, A Penalty of Rs ten,000 are obligatory for drunk driving. this is often 5 times thereto of the penalty charged for the offence yet. For rushing or sport, A penalty of Rs five,000 goes to be charged. 

Maximum liability on the third party is capped at Rs ten large integer associate degree exceedingly|in a very} mishap leading to death and Rs five large integer in an accident inflicting serious injury. Ride-Hailing Films can got to face a penalty of up to Rs one large integer if they violate the licensing norms. 

The planned modification ensures the those who come to the fore to assist the road mishap victims are not troubled. New Bill simplifies the registration method of recent vehicles. It additionally makes Aadhaar obligatory for vehicle registration and driver’s licence. Validity of the permit is valid for twenty years till a personal reaches the age of fifty. If the Licence Holder is within the age bracket of thirty to fifty years, Then the validity are for under ten years.Union Government can have the authority to recall defective vehicles inflicting hurt to the setting and other people.Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill are bestowed within the Parliament throughout the continuing session.

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